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SuperEna Lotto Review

The SuperEna Lotto is one of the most popular online lotteries in all of Italy thanks to its frequent draws and enticing jackpots. The top prize can grow above €100 million, and every draw has a minimum jackpot of €2 million.

How to Play SuperEna Lotto

Playing the SuperEna Lotto is fun and easy. When you buy a ticket, you’ll need to pick six numbers between one and 90. To win the top jackpot prize, you’ll need to match all six numbers revealed during the draw. You can play a single draw, or can play up to 15 draws over 16 weeks.

Players also have the option of choosing the SuperStar option for a chance at bigger prizes. With the SuperStar option, you’ll choose the seventh number between one and 90 which will be drawn separately. You can choose a completely new number or use one of the numbers you’ve chosen for the regular draw. You can purchase a SuperEna Lotto ticket at an authorized retailer.

How to Play Online from India

It’s also possible to play the SuperEna Lotto online, which provides several benefits. For one, you won’t have to keep track of your ticket, since your information will be stored in your online account. Playing online also means you can purchase and fill out your ticket at home instead of trying to find a retailer.

The first thing that you need to do to play online is to register for an account on the SuperEna website. Then, you purchase your tickets and fill them out just as you would when playing in person. The best sites for purchasing SuperEna Lotto is in our top list, Multilotto and theLotter being two of the popular ones.


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Drawing Time

SuperEna Lotto draws take place three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The draw takes place in Rome at 20:00 Central European Time (CET). Ticket sales end half an hour before the scheduled drawing time.

SuperEna Lotto Ticket Cost

SuperEna Lotto tickets are very affordable, making it easy for anyone to enjoy this lottery game. Whether you play online or in person, every entry costs €1. If you choose the SuperStar option, you’ll need to pay an additional €0.50.

SuperEna Lotto Jackpots Size


Mega Jackpot winners of SuperEnalotto

Impressive jackpot sizes are the reason that the SuperEna Lotto is so popular. The top jackpot prize varies from draw to draw, so you’ll want to regularly check the lottery website to discover the current prize.

Minimum Jackpots & Jackpot Caps

The minimum jackpot that you can win while playing the SuperEna Lotto is €2 million. Unlike some lotteries, the SuperEna Lotto doesn’t have a jackpot cap, so there’s almost no limit to what you could win playing this lottery game.

Biggest Jackpots

Because there is no cap to the SuperEna Lotto, there have been some very impressive jackpots in the past. The biggest main prize jackpot for matching all six numbers in the SuperEna Lotto was €163,538,706.00. The largest overall jackpot resulting from matching all six numbers plus the SuperStar number was €165,538,706.00. Huge jackpots almost as big as Powerball and Mega Millions!


Payout Options

You can claim your SuperEna Lotto winnings in several different ways depending on whether you played in a shop or online and how much you’ve won. Let’s start by examining payout options for in-person play.

If you won less than €520, you can claim your winnings at the shop where your ticket was purchased, at one of the thousands of SuperEna Lotto retailers in Italy, at a dedicated payment center, or at the Sisal Offices. Winnings between €520 and €5,200 can be claimed at a payment center, at the Sisal Offices, or at the shop of purchase.

Winnings between €5,200 and €52,000 can be collected at the Sisal Offices or a payment center, and winnings over €52,000 can only be claimed at the Sisal Offices. Depending on the amount of your earnings, you can be paid through cash, check, or bank transfer.

Online winnings can be claimed in three different ways. If you win €5,200 or less, your winnings will be deposited right into your online account. For winnings over €5,200, you’ll need to claim your winnings in person using a unique ticket code, photo ID, tax code, and gaming account ID. For winnings between €5,200 and €52,000, you claim your winnings at a payment center or the Sisal Offices. Winnings over €52,000 must be claimed at the Sisal Offices. All online winnings over €52,000 are paid via bank transfer.


SuperEna Lotto winnings more than €500 are subject to a 12 percent tax. This tax is collected automatically before winnings are paid out. If you live in a country other than Italy, your winnings may be subject to additional taxes.

SuperEna Lotto Odds of Winning

The odds of matching all six numbers and winning the SuperEna main prize are one in 622,614,630. The odds of matching all six winning digits plus the SuperStar number is one in 56,035,316,700.

One of the lottery drawings taking place in Italy, check out the video to see how big the SuperEna Lotto is!

Is SuperEna Lotto Legit or a Scam?

SuperEna Lotto is completely legitimate and is a very popular lottery. Make sure, however, that you only purchase your lottery tickets from an authorized retailer, and if you’re playing online that you only use the actual SuperEna website.

SuperEna Lotto History

The very first SuperEna Lotto took place in 1997, but the game actually traces its roots back to the 1950s and a game called Ena Lotto. Ena Lotto was a football-pools-style game where players would need to mark boxes with numbers or the letter X, and then a wheel spin determined which player won based on how many boxes they marked.

SuperEna Lotto Review Conclusion

SuperEna Lotto is one of the top lotteries in Italy thanks to impressive jackpots and multiple playing options. If you live in Italy, you can purchase a ticket at one of the thousands of retailers across the country, and if you live in another country, you can easily play and win online by registering for an account on the SuperEna website.


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SuperEna Lotto FAQ

Can I Play SuperEna Lotto from India?

Yes, SuperEna Lotto offers online play, click on the play now button or choose one of the lottery agents in the list.

How Do I Play SuperEna Lotto Online?

All you need to do to play SuperEna online is to register for an account on the SuperEna website, purchase a ticket, and then choose your six numbers.

What is SuperStar?

SuperStar is an additional SuperEna feature where you can choose a seventh number to potentially increase your winnings.

Is there a maximum jackpot for SuperEna?

No, SuperEna Lotto does not have a maximum jackpot cap, and there is a minimum jackpot of €2 million.

How Are Winnings Collected?

Depending on the amount you have won, you can claim your winnings online or in person at a specified location.