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sikkim state lottery

Sikkim State Lotteries Review

The government of Sikkim, a state in northeast India, runs the Sikkim State Lottery. This is the same body responsible for India’s largest lottery, Playwin. The Sikkim State Lottery regularly changes its lottery schemes to keep them interesting for players.

Players in Sikkim have the opportunity to win money every day, sometimes several times a day, through the state’s different lottery programs. At the time of writing, the Sikkim State Lottery operates the daily Dear Morning Lottery program, the weekly Derby Meet lotteries, and special Puja Bumper draws.

How to Play

Unlike many lottery competitions, you cannot pick your own numbers in Sikkim State Lottery competitions. Instead, your ticket numbers are electronically chosen for you. You can obtain your tickets for any of the Sikkim State Lottery draws from an offline seller or credible online dealer. Simply match your ticket number to those drawn to be a winner!

How to Play Online

As with many modern lotteries, players can also join in the fun of the Sikkim State Lottery by playing online. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for an account with an online gaming site offering Sikkim State Lottery tickets. You then select the draw you want to participate in and the number of tickets you want to buy.

You’ll receive an email or text message if you’ve won a prize in the lottery draw. Small prizes will be deposited directly into your online account.

Make sure you research your online lottery site carefully before you purchase tickets. Since the Sikkim State Lottery is so popular, there are many unscrupulous sites online that don’t deliver what they promise. Look for sites with gaming licenses and positive user reviews to stay safe.


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Drawing Time

Lunchtime is a great time for winning across Sikkim. The Sikkim State Lottery’s Dear Morning Lottery draws take place from 11:55 a.m. Indian Standard Time (IST) every day of the week, including weekends. The Derby Meet is a weekly lottery drawn every Thursday at 8 p.m. IST.

The Puja Bumper draws are extra lottery draws with large jackpots that can occur at any time. However, they’re always drawn at 2 p.m. IST, usually on a Tuesday afternoon.

Watch drawing live on YouTube

Sikkim Ticket Cost

Prices for Sikkim State Lottery tickets vary depending on the draw. Tickets for the Dear Morning Lottery draws are inexpensive, costing just Rs 6. Participating in the weekly Derby Meet draws costs a little more, with tickets priced at Rs 50. Tickets for the Puja Bumper draws are the most expensive in Sikkim. Ticket prices vary, depending on the draw but usually cost between Rs 100 and Rs 2000, which is similar to Kerala State lotteries and Punjab State lotteries.

Sikkim Jackpots Size

The smallest jackpots come from the weekly Derby Meet draws. These have a jackpot prize of Rs 11 lakhs. The daily Dear Morning Lottery draws are a bit more lucrative with a top jackpot prize of Rs 25 lakhs. However, these regular draws can’t hold a candle to the big Puja Bumper draws. Held at irregular intervals through the year, usually to commemorate public holidays and other special events, these draws can be worth several crore rupees.

sikkim lottery winner

Happy winner from the lottery

Minimum Jackpots & Jackpot Caps

The jackpot amounts for the Sikkim State Lottery’s regular Derby Meet and Dear Morning lottery draws do not change. They do not have minimum jackpots or jackpot caps as climbing jackpots do.

The jackpot amount for the large Puja Bumper lottery draws does change. However, the state lottery organisation sets this amount, so there are no minimum jackpots or jackpot caps applied here either. These large jackpots rarely dip below a couple of crore rupees though.

Biggest Jackpots

Sikkim State Lottery saves its biggest jackpots for the Puja Bumper draws held during Diwali. The 2018 Diwali Puja Bumper jackpot was worth Rs 5 crore. This was a particularly exciting year for players, as the 2017 Diwali Puja Bumper jackpot was worth Rs 1.02 crore.

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Biggest Jackpots

Kerala State Lotteries jackpots have the power to change lives. No one proves that more than Mojiful Rahima Sheikh, a poor young father from West Bengal. He moved to Kerala where he found work on a construction site. He made just Rs 50 a day, but found himself moved by a local lottery vendor selling tickets to survive. He decided to help the man by spending his entire daily earnings on lottery tickets. His good karma was rewarded when his lottery ticket won the Rs 1 crore summer bumper jackpot in March 2016.

An automobile shop worker identified only as Ganesh from Palakkad got lucky when he won the Rs 8 crore jackpot in October 2016’s Thiruvonam bumper lottery draw. He was so busy working that he couldn’t even check his ticket for two weeks after the draw. Thankfully he presented it at the bank before the lottery deadline. Hopefully, his win allowed him to take a well-earned vacation!


Payout Options

All Sikkim State Lottery distributors, selling agents, and marketing agents can pay winners their prizes under Rs 10,000. Cash is the most common payout method for small prizes, while cheque payments are common for larger sums. Online lottery sites deposit prize amounts directly into player accounts. They can deposit their prize into a registered credit card, bank account, or e-wallet, or reinvest their money in new tickets.

Winners lucky enough to receive a prize valued at Rs 10,000 or more must complete a claim form before receiving their prize money. These forms are available from the Sikkim State Lottery.

Claimants of large prizes must include an affidavit verifying they are the owner of the winning ticket. The affidavit should be signed by a first-class magistrate or notary public. They should also include three verified passport-size photographs of themselves and a copy of photo identification, such as a driver’s license. PAN details, bank details, and a cancelled leaf of the bank account the Sikkim State Lottery should deposit the prize into are also required.

  • Once the Sikkim government processes a valid claim form, it deposits the prize into the winner’s bank account.


The government of Sikkim deducts 30 percent of lottery prizes greater than Rs 10,000 per calendar year before winners receive it as Tax Deducted at Source. That means you’ll pay the tax instantly on any large wins, and once you reach the taxable threshold through small wins.

In addition, you should always declare your lottery winnings as “income from other sources” when preparing your income tax statement. You may need to pay more tax on your prize, depending on its size and your annual earnings.

Sikkim Odds of Winning

The odds of winning Sikkim State Lotteries vary depending on the draw and the number of tickets you obtain. While all ticket numbers have an equal chance of being drawn, buying more tickets increases the chance your lucky number will come up.

Sikkim State Lottery awards just a single jackpot prize and many other smaller prizes for each draw. You have a much greater chance of winning a small prize than a large prize. These smaller prizes won along the way can be highly motivating, as they provide hope that maybe next time you’ll secure a much larger prize.

Is Sikkim Legit or a Scam?

The government of Sikkim takes stringent measures to ensure its lotteries operate fairly and legitimately. All lottery tickets are printed by high-security presses used by the Reserve Bank of India and Indian Banks’ Association. The presses operate under strict instructions from the state government. These instructions control when the presses can print tickets and when they can supply them to distributors, selling agents, and marketing agents.

After members of the public became concerned about a lack of transparency, the Sikkim State Lottery introduced further security measures to protect the integrity of its draws. The draws are broadcast on state TV using machines that are always visible for viewers. People at the draw site also can’t carry instruments that transmit alpha-numeric messages or display and record visual or audio content.

sikkim state lottery homepage

Past results on the lottery draw from the official homepage

The results of the Sikkim State Lottery must be published in the official gazette, at least one national newspaper, and two state newspapers, including one printed in English. In addition, certified copies of the lottery results are distributed among lottery distributors, selling agents, and marketing agents. These measures ensure there’s no secrecy surrounding the results.

Ticket distributors and agents must keep clear records of all the tickets they receive, tickets they sell, and tickets that aren’t sold. Any unsold tickets must be returned to the Sikkim government after each draw. The government destroys all unsold tickets to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

All these measures ensure the Sikkim State Lottery stays a legitimate, fair lottery for the state’s residents. Note though that while the Sikkim State Lottery is not a scam, some websites claiming to sell tickets for the lottery are. You should always research any online provider thoroughly to ensure its credibility before sharing your personal and financial details. Other legit online lotteries are Powerball lottery and SuperEna Lotto, which huge jackpots.

Sikkim History

The Sikkim State Lottery became one of India’s first state-based lotteries. Since its establishment, the Sikkim State Lottery has grown rapidly. Today there are Sikkim State Lottery operations in many towns across Sikkim. The state also has some of India’s most liberal gaming and lottery laws.

The Sikkim State Lottery was also one of the first lotteries in India allowing online participation. The Sikkim government’s work in this area paved the way for smooth and safe online lotteries across India.

The government of Sikkim maintains it operates lotteries to generate additional resources it can inject into developmental activities and enriching programs for the state’s residents.

Sikkim State Lottery Review Conclusion

The Sikkim State Lottery runs some of India’s most popular and cleanest lotteries. While most prizes aren’t as large as international lotteries, they’re still substantial enough to put a smile on winners’ faces. The Puja Bumper draws also provide great opportunities to win massive jackpots. Stringent regulations and the lottery’s enduring reputation helps people throughout Sikkim play with confidence.


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Sikkim State Lottery FAQ

Question: Is the Sikkim State Lottery legal?

Answer: While national lotteries are prohibited in India, the states can operate and promote their own lotteries, according to the Lotteries Regulation Act, 1998, so long as they abide by the Central Lotteries laws. The Sikkim State Lottery is careful to adhere to all legislation to ensure its operations are 100 percent legal. Sikkim is one of 13 Indian states where local lotteries overseen by government bodies operate successfully.

Question: Where do I buy Sikkim State Lottery tickets?

Answer: You can try your luck at the Sikkim State Lottery by purchasing a ticket from a licensed lottery centre, lottery retailer, or convenience store. Alternatively, you can place your bets online.

Question: What are the names of the Dear Morning Lottery draws?

Answer: Each daily Dear Morning Lottery Draw has a different name. The working week starts with the Dear Smart Morning draw on Mondays. Then comes Dear Fresh Morning on Tuesdays, Dear Starter Morning on Wednesdays, and Dear Breeze Morning on Thursdays. The working week winds down with Dear Early Morning on Fridays. The Dear Bloom Morning and Dear Wake Morning draws held on Saturday similar to Saturday Super Lotto, and Sunday respectively provide winning opportunities over the weekends.

Question: How often does the Sikkim State Lottery run Puja Bumper draws?

Answer: These major draws are some of the most exciting in Sikkim due to their massive prizes. However, according to gaming legislation, the Sikkim State Lottery may hold no more than six Puja Bumper draws each year.

Question: How long do I have to claim my Sikkim State Lottery prize?

Answer: You have 90 days from the date of the lottery drawing to claim your lottery prize. If you do not claim your prize within 90 days, it will usually be returned to the government of Sikkim. If you have a genuine reason for being unable to claim your prize within the time limit, the Sikkim State Lottery may still award your prize, so long as you’ve attempted to claim it within 120 days.

Question: What happens if I lose my winning Sikkim State Lottery ticket?

Answer: It’s an unfortunate reality that sometimes winning Sikkim State Lottery tickets are misplaced or lost to theft. Sadly, in most cases, you’ll forfeit your prize. You can protect your winning ticket by signing it on the back and adding your address. Anyone who finds your ticket won’t be able to claim the prize unless they can replicate your signature. If you’re really lucky, the person who finds it will return it to you.

Playing online provides an extra layer of protection. Since your winning ticket is attached to your online account, you never have to worry about losing it!

Question: What happens if my winning ticket is damaged?

Answer: It’s up to the Sikkim government to decide whether they’ll honour damaged tickets or not. The government is notoriously picky about the condition of their tickets though, and are likely to refuse torn or otherwise damaged tickets. That’s why you should always keep your lottery tickets in pristine condition. Playing online is another great option if you worry about keeping your tickets in good condition.