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WinTrillions boasts that it’s the “Number 1 rated website for international lottery syndicates.” The company is owned by Legacy Eight Cuaҫao N.V. WinTrillions is a lottery and raffle website that allows players to access games from around the world. Acting on your behalf, the company purchases lottery tickets and collects and distributes your winnings if you have the lucky ticket.

The lotteries that are available through WinTrillions are tracked on the site so you don’t have to look elsewhere to see if you’ve won. The company is also proactive about notifying members of their winnings. If you’re looking to participate in global lotteries easily from the comfort of home, this site may offer what you’re after.

WinTrillons Review


WinTrillions is an international lottery syndicate with offices around the world. Players simply select and pay for their tickets online, and the company’s agents will purchase them. The tickets are delivered via email before the draw. This gives players instant access to lotteries both in their home country and afar, all from the comfort of home.

As you browse the games available on WinTrillions, you’ll find that each one includes details on the likelihood of winning and the prizes that are available. This information is intended to help players make well-educated choices about which lotteries are right for their needs. Winning numbers and lottery dates are included on the website, so players always have easy access to essential information.

There are over a dozen lottery syndicates available through WinTrillions including the Italian SuperEnalotto, World Combo, USA Mega Millions, Australian Lotto, Spain’s La Primitiva, Florida Lotto, and more.

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All the best jackpot lotteries offered

Special Features

One of the most distinguishing features of WinTrillions is the company’s commitment to making the world a better place. To this end, the company uses a portion of its revenues to help improve the living conditions for poor communities in Latin America. You can play the lottery and contribute to a greater good by electing to do so through WinTrillions.

Other Products

In addition to the syndicated lotteries, WinTrillions also offers Millionaire Raffles. These are like lotteries, except the numbers are pre-selected. A winner is guaranteed for every raffle. The Spanish Millionaire Raffle is accessible through WinTrillions and offers a variety of games throughout the year.

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Special programs and promotions make it possible to play the lottery with even bigger potential winnings than before. Learn more about the perks available to players at WinTrillions.

New Customers

WinTrillions doesn’t offer special promotions for new members. However, there are many programs available to all members. Check out the VIP Loyalty Program and membership programs to learn more about the perks available when you’re playing the lottery through WinTrillions.

Reward Programs

WinTrillions offers a VIP Loyalty Program that allows you to earn special VIP points as you play. You begin earning your points as soon as you sign up with WinTrillions. You’ll earn additional points as you purchase lottery tickets, Millionaire Raffles, scratch-off tickets, and syndicates. You get 1 VIP point for every £2 that you spend on the site. When you have accumulated 25 points, you get £1 off your next purchase. VIP points are redeemable for free plays and special discounts. As a member, you’ll enjoy access to special VIP promotions as well.

Memberships are also available to WinTrillions customers who are interested in joining one of the site’s select clubs for serious lottery lovers. WinTrillions offers four membership levels: gold, diamond, platinum, and titanium. The membership cost at any level is credited automatically to your account, so your membership is essentially free if you plan to spend this much on lotteries each month.

Gold members enjoy special weekly offers, three discounted syndicated plays per month, and access to the free eBook, “The Secrets of Winning Lotteries.” Members also get free play in the Gold Syndicate, California’s SuperLotto, and USA Hot Lotto.

Diamond members enjoy all the previously mentioned benefits as well as free play in Canada’s Lotto 6/49 and access to reserved games that have limited tickets, like Super Summer Draw. Diamond members get a £5 credit each month in addition to their subscription credit. Preferential assistance is available for Diamond members who need to reach out to customer service.

Platinum and titanium memberships are exclusive to only the most experienced and dedicated players. Those who are interested in learning more about these exclusive programs must reach out to customer service to find out if they qualify.


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Safe and secure at WinTrillions

WinTrillions uses 256-bit encryption technology to keep your information safe and secure. All WinTrillions sites are also equipped with a McAfee Security subscription and verification. The site is regularly updated so you’re always enjoying access to the latest technology.


All games that are featured on WinTrillions are licensed and regulated by their respective governments. As these tickets come from around the world, there are many licensing agencies at play. WinTrillions ensures that all games in its syndicates are properly managed so you as the player never have to worry about the legalities of these lotteries.


WinTrillions is available on all devices. Whether you’re sitting at your computer or playing on your phone, you can access some of the best lotteries around the world. Learn more about how to access WinTrillions on your device of choice.


The WinTrillions website offers an expansive experience where you can easily click around and access all that the company has to offer. Visiting the lottery site via your computer, you can comfortably browse all parts of the web page, including the lottery syndicates, millionaire raffles, results, promotions, and customer assistance.


The WinTrillions app is available in Apple’s App Store, so you can access WinTrillions via an iPad. There is also a mobile-optimised site for the company that’s available at To use this site, simply type the mobile address into any tablet’s internet browser app.

The mobile site makes it easier to navigate the numerous options that are available through the page. You’ll find the top lotteries right at the top of the page followed by the top syndicates. Organised in a neat vertical design, this site makes it easy to scroll and tap with your finger rather the mouse you might use on your computer.


Players accessing WinTrillions with a mobile device will use the same method as they would on a tablet. If you have an iPhone, you can download the WinTrillions app from the Apple App Store. If you have another type of smartphone, open your browser app and navigate to WinTrillions’ mobile-optimised site. From here, you can find the top raffles, lotteries, and syndicates. Live support is accessible through the mobile site as well. You don’t lose features and functionality when you move to mobile. You can play as easily and smoothly here as anywhere else.

Payment Options

WinTrillions notifies you via phone or email when you’ve won a prize. You receive the full value of anything that you win. There are no fees or additional charges added to your winnings. You pay for your ticket and any associated syndicate memberships upfront, so anything that you win after you’ve purchased a ticket is yours to keep in full.

Prizes of £500 or less that are won in Millionaire Raffles are claimed by WinTrillions on your behalf. These are credited directly to your WinTrillions account. Prizes greater than this are handled on an individual basis in accordance with the redemption rules for that particular raffle.

WinTrillions collects winnings of £600 or less on behalf of all syndicate members. Larger payments can be made via cheque or bank transfer as well if you prefer. The Winners Support Team is available to assist with larger wins so you can access your cash as soon as possible.


WinTrillions accepts deposits in a variety of ways. You can use a bank card, bank transfer, cheque, credit card, and more. The site accepts Skrill, DineroMail, AstroPay, WebMoney, and Paysafecard, among others. This versatility makes it possible for nearly any player to find a convenient way to fund his or her account.


WinTrillions allows you to withdraw funds in a variety of ways, including bank wire, cheque, and debit or credit card. Withdrawal limits do apply. If you’re attempting to withdraw a sum that’s equal to or greater than five times your lifetime deposits, you will be limited on how much you can take out in a single week. Players also have 24-hour withdrawal limits. WinTrillions reserves the right to pay winnings in instalments at its sole discretion.



WinTrillions has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to give players peace of mind, knowing that they’re always in good hands. Customer support is available 24 hours a day from WinTrillions’ attentive staff.

Live Chat

WinTrillions offers a live chat feature, but it’s not always active. However, there are several other options that will allow you to reach out quickly to a customer service professional if you need assistance when the live chat is not online.


You can contact WinTrillions by phone at either +442031399052 or +525547772359. Both numbers will connect you with live customer service professionals who can help you address your concerns with the site.


You can contact WinTrillions easily by email at any time. Simply write to or You can also reach out using one of the contact forms that are included on the website. A premade form is available in the About Us section of the website under the Contact Us tab. Using the Help button in the bottom left corner of the site, you can access a similar form with the added option to include file attachments, such as screenshots of issues you might be having.

Is WinTrillions Legit or Scam?

WinTrillions is a legit website for purchasing lottery tickets and participating in raffles. Though the website does not host these lotteries or raffles, they connect players with agents who can purchase lottery tickets on their behalves. However, there are some complaints about the website that players may want to be aware of before signing up for an account.

Players have indicated that WinTrillions makes it difficult to cancel subscriptions to lotteries or raffles. If you set up an ongoing subscription that allows for regular withdrawals from your credit card, you may find that these are difficult to stop. For this reason, you might want to use a money card, cheque, or other deposit methods that cannot be automatically debited on an ongoing basis. This will make it easier to keep track of the funds that you have put in your account.

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WinTrillions gives you a 100% satisfaction gurantee

WinTrillions Pros and Cons

If you’re interested in participating in online lotteries and want an easy way to access games around the world, WinTrillions is a convenient option because of its extensive reach. You can get lottery tickets from across the globe in one convenient spot. This is great for players who are looking for widespread access from the comfort of home. WinTrillions is set up to reward frequent players as well. Those who purchase lottery tickets often can maximise their lottery funds through the programs available on the website.

The cons of using WinTrillions are that you may find it difficult to manage existing subscriptions. It’s easier to set up a new subscription than to cancel or edit existing ones. If you’re looking for a site that will easily automate your play while still allowing for frequent and flexible adjustments, you might not feel that WinTrillions is the best option for your needs.

Pros / Cons
  • Big selection of lotteries
  • Easy to navigate and play
  • All transactions are 100% secure and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Refund guarantee
  • Subscriptions auto-renewal

WinTrillions Review Conclusion

Frequent lottery players will likely enjoy the convenient features available from WinTrillions. The site is designed for those who like to buy tickets often, similar to LottoKings. If you’re interested in using a streamlined method of purchasing lottery and raffle tickets often, you’ll get the ease of use and special rewards that make it easier to accomplish these goals. You probably can’t purchase lottery tickets in different countries in person, but WinTrillions lets you do so with just a few clicks. Use this site if you want a fresh way to update your play.

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