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Are you eager to play lotteries from all over the world, including far outside India, from anywhere you please? If so, Multilotto is just the service you need. First appearing on the scene in 2018, Multilotto has grown in popularity by being a fair and fun place to play for huge jackpots, all with no tricks or deceitful fine print. On this convenient website, players can test their luck on various lotteries or play the countless slot machine games at their online casino.

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Multilotto is available in 18 languages and accessible from countries all over the world. Through this convenient website, lottery fans throughout the globe can buy lottery tickets and play instant win games, all with proven fair statistics and powerful SSL security. If you aren’t just interested in lotteries, Multilotto also hosts a huge number of online slot machine games from providers like Play’n GO, which are often not available at competing online casinos.


Some online lottery websites have a limited selection of only ten to twenty games, all of the highest jackpot, which can be less appealing if you’re fond of trying smaller lotteries with higher chances of winning as well. Fortunately, Multilotto lives up to its name with a whopping 48 lotteries to choose from. Some examples of popular games include:

  • Florida Lotto: This game involves choosing six numbers between 1 and 63 for the first-prize award. Florida Lotto has frequent jackpots worth $2 million or more, and the smaller pool of contestants means you have a higher chance to win. This lottery was formed in the 1980s to raise funds for the Bright Futures youth scholarship program and other parts of American schooling. Although Florida Lotto doesn’t stand near Powerball or other gigantic national lotteries in terms of winnings, it is one of the best state lotteries set in the U.S. you could try, with jackpots rising as high as $450 million in the past.
  • U.S. Powerball: The game of choice for millions of lottery players, Powerball is the biggest lottery in the world, and has paid out first-place jackpots of well over $1 billion. Players must match all five of the winning numbers on their ticket, each ranging from 1 to 69. There is also a Powerball number ranging from 1-26 that much be matched to win the jackpot, although players often win smaller awards if they match the Powerball number right and at least one of the six numbers.
  • Mega Millions: Another gigantic lottery originally called “The Big Game,” Mega Millions has players choose five numbers ranging from 1 to 75, plus one Mega Ball number ranging from 1 to 15. Get every number right and you win the first place jackpot, or get a combination of fewer numbers correct to take home smaller rewards. Like with Powerball, many of the biggest lottery wins in history have come from Mega Millions.
  • California SuperLotto: The biggest lottery in the Golden State, California SuperLotto, or SuperLotto Plus, started in 1985 as a way to collect funds for state projects. Just like Florida Lotto, this game is one of the biggest U.S.-based lotteries you can compete in, with prizes going as high as $141 million from a single ticket, as well as $193 million split among three tickets. Similar to Mega Millions, players must correctly match five numbers ranging from 1 to 47, plus a Mega Number from 1 to 27. These are fairly recent rules that were established at the turn of the millennium that offer a higher chance of winning compared to previous versions.
  • EuroMillions: The biggest lottery in Europe starts at €17 million and climbs rapidly from there. Its 12 prize tiers mean that despite being a huge game with many participants, you still have a fairly good chance of winning something. To win the top EuroMillions jackpot, a player must draw the right five numbers between 1 and 50 and also match two Lucky Star numbers, ranging from 1 to 12. The game has a maximum jackpot of €190 million. If, after four draws since reaching the limit, a winning player still isn’t found, that full jackpot is rolled down to second place.
  • Cash4Life: A unique twist on the typical lottery game, Cash4Life doesn’t award a massive jackpot prize if you win. Instead, first prize winners receive $1,000 a day, with second place receiving $1,000 a month, both for life. Take note that the player can also choose a lump sum option of $7 million instead of daily payments, and with Multilotto or other online lottery sites you will have to choose that option. Players have a generously small window to choose from five numbers between 1 and 60 and a Cash Ball from only 1 to 4. Cash4Life is a multi-state lottery in America, meaning you can play in whatever states look most promising to you.
  • SuperEnalatto: this classic Italian lottery formed in the 1950s features six picked numbers from 1 to 90, and matching all six will win you the top prize. While six numbers of such variance may seem harder to get compared to other big lotteries, the jackpot never rolls down or reaches a limit, so it’s well worth trying when the jackpot has risen to a monumental level. One great example was in 2010, when the jackpot rose all the way to €177,800,000 before someone finally won it.
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A few of Multilottos jackpot lotteries

These are just a few of the thrilling games you can play over and over, getting closer to your life-changing lucky ticket. If you have an interest in trying a mix of lotteries from different American states and international lands, Multilotto provides a level of diversity and choice you won’t find elsewhere.

Special Features

In addition to lotteries that run throughout the year, Multilotto provides access to seasonal games such as Christmas Lottery and Oktoberfest Lottery. Nothing helps bring out the cheer of a special occasion like a winning lottery ticket!

Casino and Slots

Online lottery games are exciting, but sometimes an Indian player might want to try something with a bit more strategy. Multilotto stands above many of its competing lottery providers because they don’t just offer tickets. You’ll be able to play from a huge range of online slot machines with different themes, variances, and bonus modes. You’ll see standard video slot machines, progressive jackpot games, virtual card table games, and even bingo-based gambling. You can try all of these games at zero risk in a free-play mode, as well.

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Play all the best casino slots at Multilotto


Multilotto occasionally offers welcome bonuses and other promotional offers for its customers. These can add more value and help you buy more tickets or play more games for less money.

New Customers

Players who enjoy casino games will love the welcome bonus at Multilotto of up to €550 added to your deposit plus 50 free spins in the Aloha! Cluster Pays slot machine game. Once your account is verified, you can get a 200 percent bonus on up to €100, then a 100 percent bonus on up to €100, and finally a 50 percent bonus on up to €500. There is also the 10 kg gold promotion, sign up and get an entry to win 10 kg of pure gold!

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Win 10 kg of GOLD!

Reward Program

While not offered a literal reward or VIP program per se, players who stick around with Multilotto will definitely get VIP treatment. Discounts, free tickets, cash back bonuses, unique trial subscription offers, and more are all frequently given away or offered for generous terms.


Chance to win 10 kg of gold every day at Multilotto


The Multilotto website is protected by thorough SSL encryption to protect customer payment information, personal information, and privacy.


Multilotto was first licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority on August 1, 2018. Later, on December 21, 2018, the company also received a license by Spelinspektionen, a Swedish authority demanding legality, safety, and reliability in all online gaming and gambling websites.


Whether you like to get a few lottery tickets on the way home from work with your phone or play slot machines at your home computer before bed, you can enjoy Multilotto in whatever way works for you.


The Multilotto website works very well on desktop computers. Not only is it highly optimised to work even on older computers with slower internet connections, but the website is not overly flashy or full of data-heavy components. Once loaded and cached once by your browser, the site should be easy to come back to in seconds.


For improved user experience and speed, Multilotto recommends that mobile users, including those with tablets, download the Multilotto app.


The Multilotto app functions just as well for mobile devices as it does for tablets.

Payment Options

Multilotto accepts 12 different payment methods for depositing funds and withdrawing winnings.


When it’s time to buy tickets or spin a few reels, you can add funds to your Multilotto account with Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International, JCB, direct bank transfer, Neteller, Paysafecard, Trustly, Entropay, Zimpler, Wirecard, and Skrill. This gives you room to experiment and find an option that is both convenient for you and does not incur any fees.


For Multilotto, withdraw methods are the same as deposit methods. Take note that some options are faster than others at transferring money back to you, with direct bank transfers usually taking the most time. Your location and the location of the lottery you won will both play a role in the time taken.



This provider has an extensive list of frequently asked questions to get you orientated and ready to play, but if you don’t see the answer to your specific question there, you could always reach out to customer support.

Live Chat

Currently, live chat is not available as a customer support method. Email contact, however, is especially prompt and should suffice if you have any questions.


Currently, the provider does not offer a phone line for customer support. This is fairly common among online lottery sites, as their customers are too widespread among different time zones.


For any issues, you can email the support address for the company and get a prompt response. Support is especially vigilant against any site performance problems, such as games freezing or slowing down. The site’s engineers work constantly to keep Multilotto leading the pack in terms of load times and performance, so any issues should be rare. Rest assured, however, that in the unlikely event that something happens, just take a screenshot of the problem and Multilotto will resolve your issue fully.

Is Multilotto Legit or a Scam?

Multilotto has been independently audited multiple times to confirm its fairness and transparency. The company is licensed by Spelinspektionen in Sweden and, before that, the Malta Gaming Authority. On top of that, the random number generators in their online casino games have been vetted as fair and consumer-friendly by NMi Metrology & Gaming Limited. Meeting the strict requirements of all three authorities makes Multilotto a newer online lottery website that you can definitely trust.

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Total winnings paid out by Multilotto in April 2019

The company also states in their FAQ that they do not store your payment details, and neither sell or give personal information such as email addresses to anyone. Finally, Multilotto wins extra points because they promote legitimate strategies and openly discourage players from using lottery predicting software, which is a scam because winning numbers cannot be predicted. No matter how you look at it, Multilotto is on the player’s side.

Multilotto Pros and Cons

Are you curious about what sets Multilotto apart? Here are a few of the pros and cons of the brand.

Pros / Cons
  • Better selection of lottery options than many competitors
  • Casino games for added variety
  • Secure system and fair payment policies
  • Convenient and well-designed website
  • No live chat or phone support currently

Multilotto Review Conclusion

The rise of the internet has been a major boon for lotteries, making it far more convenient for players around the world to compete without being limited by their location. However, not all lotto ticket providers are created equal. is one of the best international lottery services in the world and should be the first choice among Indian players looking to expand their reach outside of local games. Their diverse selection of bigger national and smaller state-wide lotteries means you have more exciting options and more games that are at their peak jackpot potential at any given time.

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