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LottoKings is an online lottery site that allows you to participate in many global lotteries and raffles. You no longer have to go to a brick-and-mortar destination to get a physical ticket if you want to participate in these games. You can try your luck at hitting the jackpot from the comfort of home. LottoKings takes on the task of purchasing the physical tickets for you so you can make the purchase online, sit back, and wait for the results.

Serious lottery players will enjoy the convenience and time savings of this type of service. You can get into games that are going on in other countries to access the biggest and most lucrative potential wins. LottoKings also helps you find the smartest lottery playing opportunities. If you’re looking for a fresh way to try the lottery, this site may be what you’re looking for. Learn more about how it works, its security features, and the pros and cons of using LottoKings.

LottoKings Review


LottoKings makes it possible for players to participate in lotteries around the world, all while staying comfortable at home. This is a service that helps connect players with global lotteries. LottoKings does not host the lotteries and raffles. Rather, it helps players purchase tickets in locales that they cannot visit in person. LottoKings also monitors the results and notifies players if they’ve won. The company then assists in collecting winnings, so you can enjoy the smoothest, simplest lottery experience available.

Selection of the biggest jackpots at LottoKings

LottoKings offers over a dozen different lotteries, including Italy’s SuperEnalotto, The UK Lotto, The United States’ Powerball, Canada’s Canada Lotto, Europe’s Euro Millions, Spain’s La Primitiva, and more. Select Millionaire Raffles are available as well.

Special Features

If you’re not sure what lottery to play first, LottoKings can help. The site has conveniently ranked lotteries by “The Greatest” and “The Cleverest.” Lotteries in The Greatest category have the highest jackpots. These are sorted in order so you can quickly find the lotteries with the largest possible winnings in the world. The category allows players to participate in draws midweek and on the weekend.

The Cleverest category is particularly unique because it gives you an idea of the smartest lotteries to play based on the cost of a ticket and the possible winnings. Lotteries ranked highly on this list have the highest cost/benefit ratio. This list also allows subscribers to participate in both weekend and midweek draws.

Other Verticals

LottoKings does not participate in other verticals like online casinos. It specialises only in lotteries and raffles. However, this allows the company to focus on that area and offer several convenient ways to play, such as subscriptions and multidraws.


When you’re playing with LottoKings, you’ll enjoy simple, straightforward lottery play. This company doesn’t offer complex VIP programs or loyalty tiers. Every customer is treated with the same dedication to ethical and transparent operations. Though you don’t get the perks of an organised rewards program, you do enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that some of the revenues from LottoKings are used to improve living conditions for impoverished communities in Latin America.

New Customers

Signing up for LottoKings as a new member is quick and easy. You simply provide basic information such as your name and address. Once you’ve opened an account, you can move on to the process of funding it using a variety of methods. Deposit and withdrawal payment options are discussed in more detail later.

You can easily play any of the lotteries on the site with just a few clicks. Lotto Kings also specialises in helping players set up recurring orders. With a subscription to a specific lottery, you can participate in all future draws for that lottery. This saves time and effort for players who want to try their luck regularly on a lottery of choice.

LottoKings also offers a multidraw option. This allows you to play your chosen numbers 5, 10, 20, 25, or 52 consecutive times. You’ll pay less for each consecutive draw, so you can minimize your spending while increasing your chances of a win with your lucky numbers when you use this method.

Reward Program

As mentioned previously, there are no reward programs available from LottoKings. You can, however, enjoy the convenience and perks of automated play.



LottoKings works hard to protect you and your information as you’re playing the lottery online. The site is Hacker Protected, which means that it’s tested and certified daily to ensure that it can adequately protect users from the threats of hackers. LottoKings is also verified and secured by GoDaddy. All transactions and information on the site are protected with 256-bit encryption security from McAfee. LottoKings indicates that it can “guarantee that all of your personal information and financial transactions are 100% secure.”


lottokings security

The lotteries that are provided through LottoKings are not licensed or regulated by the site. Rather, they are licensed locally according to the laws and requirements in the country where that lottery takes place. Players can legally participate in any of the lotteries available on the site provided that they are at least 18 years of age. LottoKings have their own license through Curacao, same as PlayHugeLottos and Lotto247.


LottoKings is accessible on any device. You can reach your favourite lotteries using any type of technology that’s connected to the internet. This means that you can play LottoKings from your desk at work, on your phone during your lunch break, and more.


The desktop site for LottoKings is the most robust. This is where you can access all the finer details about the company and how it works. You’ll find the FAQ section, detailed information on user registration and account management, and more. If you’re looking for in-depth information about how LottoKings works, this is the place to go. Once you’ve set up your account, however, you can easily access the core features and functionality of the site on other devices.


LottoKings is accessible on tablets via the mobile-optimised site. Simply go to to reach a version of the webpage that’s better designed for users on a tablet. This site keeps essential playing information front and centre. You’ll see the top lotteries, top syndicates, and top millionaire raffles of the day immediately. You can also access other games and a pared down version of the FAQs.


The mobile version of LottoKings is the same as what you can access on a tablet. Simply use your web browser to go to the mobile version of the site for easier access to its essential features. Using the mobile site will make it quicker and more efficient to play your favourite lotteries via smartphone.

Payment Options

Any winning amount that is US$600 or less is credited to the player’s LottoKings account. Any prizes that are greater than this sum are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. LottoKings will arrange for the physical delivery of lottery tickets that are worth greater prizes. At that point, it is the responsibility of the player to contact the issuer and claim the money.

Winnings may be subject to taxes. It’s best to speak with a financial professional in your country to determine how you should report your lottery winnings. LottoKings doesn’t levy any additional charges on you after you win. All charges are flat-fee rates that are included with your original lottery ticket.


LottoKings prefers to take payments through Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Players also have the option of using EntroPay, Skrill, Ukash, JCB, checks, or a money transfer. Orders are not processed until payments have been confirmed.


Withdrawals can be made by wire transfer or cheque. Some fees may apply to the transfer process, though 100% of players’ winnings are credited to their accounts. If you choose not to transfer your funds out of your account, you can apply the full sum to future lottery tickets and raffles.

LottoKings reserves the right to split payments into installments at their discretion. Any withdrawal that is five times the total sum of lifetime deposits or more will be subject to weekly withdrawal limits. The site also imposes 24-hour withdrawal limits.


Huge selection of the best jackpot lotteries


LottoKings works to provide the support and assistance that players need to feel comfortable playing the lottery online. There are a few different ways that you can contact the company if you need assistance or information. The extensive FAQs section on the website offers assistance as well, detailing many common issues that you may find.

Live Chat

LottoKings has a live support feature available through ZenDesk. However, it is not always active. If you select the live support option and find that customer service representatives are not online, you can use one of the site’s other options to reach out to support staff.


Players can contact LottoKings by phone at +44 808 281 2743 or +57 4 604 0827. Either number will help connect you to live support professionals who can assist with your issues.


LottoKings does not provide an email address for communication. However, the site does have a form available in the Contact Us section. Here, you can select a subject line, provide your basic contact information, and send a message of up to 1,000 characters. LottoKings notes that it’s best to sign into your account before using the contact form, so customer service representatives will have access to relevant data that may help resolve your problem.

Is LottoKings Legit or Scam?

LottoKings is a legit site that allows you to legally purchase lottery tickets from different places around the globe. If you’re interested in expanding your lottery play, this is an easy way to do so either via mobile or from the comfort of your home computer. Players have successfully played the lottery and received their winnings through this site.

Thanks to the strong security measures, there’s little for players to worry about when they’re using LottoKings. The site isn’t a scam, though it has a few minor customer complaints against it, which are discussed in more detail below. If you want to buy lottery tickets easily through an online intermediary, LottoKings can deliver the service that you’re looking for.

Triple Satisfaction Guarantee

LottoKings will refund your money with no questions asked if:

  • If you do not win any prizes in the first 30 days.
  • If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product.
  • If our site or service are not up to standard.

Triple Satisfaction Guarantee first 30 days.

LottoKings Pros and Cons

The pros of working with LottoKings are that you can access global lotteries with just a few clicks. Once you’ve set up an account, it’s easy to make one-time purchases or arrange ongoing subscriptions. The account management tools are designed to make it easy to cancel subscriptions as well, so you can continually tailor your account to best suit your personal needs.

The most common complaint about LottoKings is with customer service. Users have indicated having difficulty signing into their accounts though they’re certain they’re using the correct password. Reaching a customer service agent can be a lengthy process. Their live chat is often unavailable or has a long wait time. Sending messages through the website results in lengthy wait time for some customers as well.

If customer service is a primary concern for you, this site may cause some frustrations should you run into trouble. With patience, however, most customers reported that their issues were eventually resolved. Some disgruntled users even noted that despite their wait time to speak with customer service, they still enjoyed the convenience that’s available with LottoKings raffles and lotteries, noting that they still find the site satisfactory overall.

Pros / Cons
  • Easy to claim prizes
  • Good game variety with almost 20 lotteries
  • Homepage with 256-bit SSL encryptions
  • No charge or any commission on winnings
  • No scanned tickets
  • Waiting time for support issues

LottoKings Review Conclusion

LottoKings is a reliable online destination for playing the lottery. Through the site, you can easily compare numerous lotteries in a variety of countries. You can quickly find the biggest jackpots or best odds for your next lottery ticket. Don’t waste time comparing lotteries across different sites, and don’t worry about the hassle of purchasing lottery tickets in person. You can automate your regular playing activities and simply watch for the wins.

Thanks to its intuitive design and simple setup, LottoKings is an easy choice for most players to get acquainted with. Though you may need to allocate a bit of time to get in touch with customer service, the organisation and functionality of the site also make it less likely that you’ll need to do so at all.

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