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Looking for an easy website to buy lottery tickets all over the world and test your luck in ways that aren’t possible locally? In that case, you need to check out Lotto247. This convenient website provides access to countless lotteries you could never try otherwise, with constant and convenient access 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Lotto247 Review

For most Indian lottery players, the only drawings you can play are those in your local area. Even then, going to multiple places and waiting in line to buy jackpot tickets can be a major hassle and cut into your free time. However, international online lotteries can, of course, be accessed around the internet, but with so many different ones with different rules, it’s critical that you buy tickets from a single, organised place to keep things simple. This is what Lotto247 was made to do.

Lotto247 tailors the lottery experience to the modern lifestyle. From your phone or tablet, you can easily check up on your lotteries while waiting in line, riding to work, relaxing at home, or doing anything else.


Here are just a few examples of the thrilling, life-changing lotteries you’ll be able to take on at Lotto247:

  • US Powerball: One of the most popular lottery games in the entire world, Powerball has reached jackpots of more than $1 billion. In Powerball, players get a ticket with two sets of numbers. If you match five out of 69 available numbers and the one Powerball number out of 26, you win! Powerball has awarded the highest jackpot of any gambling game: $1.586 billion. With nine different prize divisions, however, you don’t necessarily have any less chance of winning something big!
  • Mega Millions: Holding many spots in the list of biggest jackpots in the world, Mega Millions is an international lottery created in 1996 under the name “The Big Game.” Players choose from two sets of numbers, including five from 1-75 and a single number from 1-15, which is called the Mega Ball. Matching every drawn number on your ticket will win you the top jackpot, but the Mega Ball and other factors can award you one or more of the lower prize tiers.
  • EuroMillions: Europe’s biggest lottery, with a starting minimum jackpot of €17 million and a highly promising list of 12 prize tiers, making it one of the easier games to get a winning ticket. Players must match five numbers ranging from 1 to 50 and match the two Lucky Stars, which range from 1 to 12. EuroMillions has a limit to the max jackpot of €190 million, after which additional money rolls down to the second place prizes. If the game runs for four draws after the jackpot cap was reached, the game ends and that entire €190 million gets rolled down to second-place winners.
  • SuperEnalatto: an Italian lottery founded in the 1950s, this game requires players to pick six numbers between 1 and 90 and match all six. SuperEnalatto has awarded some of the biggest cash prizes in the world and is one of the most popular. This is mainly because it does not have a roll down, meaning that it’s a pure game that runs until a first-prize winner is finally found. This can lead to enormous wins, like the 2010 win of €177,800,000.
  • SuperEna Max: This fairly new European game is modeled after SuperEnalatto. Players get six numbers from 1-90, just like its predecessor, and the jackpot instantly starts at €76.5 million. The game also has a cap of €148.7 million. Winners are chosen based on results from the SuperEnalatto draws, so this is a great game to play alongside SuperEnalatto.
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Play the biggest jackpot lotteries in the world

Some of the other lotteries players can compete in from Lotto247 include EuroJackpot, France Loto, German Lotto, UK Lottery, La Primitiva, El Gordo, Mega Sena, Oz Powerball, and Oz Lotto.

Special Features

Season-specific lotto games include El Gordo Navidad, the El Nino Raffle, and Loteria Nacional Extra, with alerts from Lotto247 when the games are coming up. Players can also compete in the Monaco Grand Prix, where one lucky winner and a partner get an extravagant free trip to Nice to experience one of the most prestigious and thrilling Formula One races on Earth. A fashion show, super-yacht party, and private helicopter ride all add to the splendour.

Other Products

While Lotto247 focuses on lotteries and does not feature other types of gambling, the company features a heart-racing mini-lotto game called Keno. In Keno, players draw for a big, pooling cash prize until the winner is revealed —  two minutes later! The biggest jackpot offered is from Keno 12, a version where the ultimate jackpot is €1 million.

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Win big with Keno, Rafflers, Instant win and Scratch cards!

Lotto247 also features several instant win games, where players can blast alien ships, explore Egyptian tombs, and more to win prizes. Similarly, you’ll also find scratchcards, which you can buy in bulk if you wish to save money..


Lotto247 offers many rotating promotions that improve your chance of finally hitting a jackpot, including free entries into some of the biggest lotteries around the world.

New Customers

As a sign-up bonus for new customers, Lotto247 will give you one free ticket to US Powerball when you buy your first lottery ticket. Play Powerball first and use the second ticket to double your chances, or play a different game and test your luck with two lotteries at once!

Lotto247 also has another welcome promotion based on your payment method on your first ticket or other transaction. If you pay with anything other than a credit card, you’ll be reimbursed anywhere from 100 to 200 percent of what you spent, depending on the method used. Even credit cards will net you a 100 percent reimbursement on your first transaction.

Reward Program

Lotto247 does not have a reward, VIP, or customer loyalty program at this time. However, players with an account will frequently see randomised promotions that give them more for their money spent. These can include discounts on specific lottery tickets and buy one get one free ticket deals.



Payment information needs strict protection in the online world. Fortunately, Lotto247 uses strong SSL encryption through a certificate by Sectigo, based in the United States. Sectigo was formerly known as Comodo and is one of the most widely used and trusted encryption providers in the online world. Lotto247 also handles all security matters through SRC Security Consulting.


Lotto247 has an online gaming license through Curacao Gaming, an organisation that subjects lottery and gambling-related business to strict audits and regulation checks. You will find the same type of license from PlayHugeLottos and LottoKings. Curacao Gaming demands transparency and fairness in payments, so you know that Lotto247 pays the lottery winnings owed to you with no fees, cuts, or charges.


Every gambler has his or her own devices and preferred ways to access online sites. Take a look at the accessibility options for this lottery ticket provider.


The Lotto247 website can be easily accessed from a desktop computer with an internet connection. If you’re looking to check on your tickets and jackpots while relaxing at your home computer, you’ll find no issues.


Lotto247 does not have a mobile app. However, the website is highly optimised and should load and run easily for the majority of tablets and similar devices. No need to download yet another app to your tablet’s library!


As with tablets, mobile phone users can simply visit the Lotto247 website to start playing lotteries. There is no app to bother with, and the site is made to load quickly for mobile devices.

Payment Options

Convenience is extremely important for online lotteries, which is why Lotto247 offers enough payment methods for almost anyone to play, pay, and cash out without trouble.


With so many options to deposit with Lotto247, the only real limit is whatever happens to be available in your country. Players can use:

  • Visa, Mastercard, or Entropay virtual credit cards.
  • Various Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) options.
  • eWallets, including Neteller.
  • Prepaid cards.
  • Near-instant bank transfer options.
  • Cash and voucher online payment options.
  • Many more choices.


When you’ve got winnings and you’re ready to withdraw them from your Lotto247 account, the company will pay you through a direct wire transfer into your chosen bank account, with zero charges or commissions. Payment — assuming no issues arise on the lottery’s end — should take no longer than ten business days. A time frame of fewer than two weeks is one of the fastest you could expect from an international lottery ticket provider.


Get 1 US Powerball entry FREE when you purchase your first online lottery entry


Lotto247 has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions page that resolves common queries such as how payments are handled, but not every question is going to be one that has already been answered. Do you need help understanding a certain game or promotion’s rules? Or, maybe you have a question about signing up that you need to have answered before you decide to take that leap. Whatever you’re curious or concerned about, the support staff at Lotto247 are there to help you.

Live Chat

Lotto247 offers a live chat function. You also can reach out through the company’s Facebook page, and you have a good chance of getting a fast response this way, as well, or finding the answer to your question somewhere on the page. Take note that the Facebook page is private, and players are given access only once they’ve created an account. This is to protect customer information and privacy.


Lotto247 does not offer customer support over the phone, likely due to the broad range of customers such a business would have all over the world. Live chat, Facebook contact, or email should more than suffice, however.


You can email a support address with your question or problem and get a response within the following day or sooner.

Is Lotto247 Legit or a Scam?

As noted earlier, Lotto247 is a trusted company licensed under Curacao Gaming, so you know they’ve met the organisation’s rigorous standards. The company’s terms promise to pay out your winnings in ten working business days or less from the time they receive the funds you won from the lottery in question. Occasionally, additional days are added for security reasons. However, reading the payment terms and conditions under each game you are interested in playing is important. Some games are paid not in a lump sum but over annuity terms that vary depending on the game and the jackpot.

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Read the winner stories at Lotto247

Put simply, Lotto247 is legit. You could do far worse compared to other sources of online lottery tickets, which demand fees or use confusing terms to mislead players. With this provider, what you see is what you get.

Lotto247 Pros and Cons

Lotto247 offers a lot of benefits to its players. There are also some parts that are good to know about. Here are the main pros and cons of Lotto247.

Pros / Cons
  • International access to the biggest lotteries in the world, all from one place
  • Simple withdrawals with no charges or fees
  • Generous welcome promotions
  • No fees, charges, or commissions on jackpot winnings
  • Fast loading and convenient website
  • Annuity instead of a lump sum for some jackpots
  • Somewhat complicated terms and conditions for payment

Review Conclusion

Lotteries are thrilling because of their simplicity and the wait leading up to that grand reveal. You buy a ticket, see the numbers, and just wait, watching the winning numbers get revealed one at a time. It’s fair to say that playing the lottery never gets old, and Lotto247 makes playing much easier and simple. By ordering tickets from all sorts of major international lotteries online, and often at generous promotional discounts, you can broaden your possibilities and raise your chances of finally winning a life-changing jackpot.

Best of all, Lotto247 continues to grow its library. The instant-win games combine the lottery style with the colour and pizazz of an arcade game or online slot machine, and there are nearly 20 scratch cards to pick from to discover a favourite. After all of that, you also have Keno, a game that turns the drawn-out anticipation of a lottery with win-a-minute excitement. It’s all hosted under a reliable, fast, and trusted website that is ready to answer your questions. If you have any interest in playing international lotteries from anywhere you wish, give Lotto247 a try.

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Get 1 US Powerball entry FREE when you purchase your first online lottery entry

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