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punjab state lottery

Punjab State Lotteries Review

The Punjab lottery is played by thousands of gamers each year. At one time, the Punjab government ran three different lottery schemes: a weekly draw, a monthly draw, and periodic bumper draws.

How to Play

If you’re interested in Playing the Punjab Lottery, there are several different options to purchase a ticket. Numerous authorised sellers are available, and you can buy a ticket at such locations as post offices, railway stations, bus stands, and markets.

The three different Punjab lottery games all operate in basically the same manner. With the bumper and monthly draws, you purchase a ticket that contains six digits. When the draw occurs, the number of matching digits you have on your ticket determines your winnings. The weekly draw operated in the same manner, but tickets had five digits instead of six like the other schemes.

How to Play Online

Unfortunately, there currently isn’t any way to play the Punjab lottery online. Currently, only the bumper lottery and monthly online lottery are in operation, but when even all three lottery schemes were in operation, there was no legitimate option for online play. Be wary of any websites stating they can help you purchase bumper lottery tickets, as they are likely to be a scam.


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Drawing Time

The Punjab government has not held a weekly lottery draw since 2017. Although there has never been an official reason given for suspending this popular lottery scheme, many people believe that the weekly lottery was suspended because of the high social cost, meaning people were spending too much of their income on lottery tickets. When the weekly lottery scheme was active, draws took place every Wednesday in Ludhiana.

The Punjab State Deluxe Monthly Lottery looked to have gone the way of the weekly scheme, but the government has recently held draws in December 2018 and the first two months of 2019. The Punjab State Deluxe Monthly Lottery draw takes place in Ludhiana on the last Friday of every month. In extraordinary circumstances, the director of lotteries has the ability to change both the date and the location of the monthly draws.

The drawing time of the bumper lotteries can vary from lottery to lottery. The bumper lotteries are themed after annual events such as Diwali or New Year, so the date of the draw will depend on the theme of the specific lottery. Regardless of the date, all bumper lottery draws take place in Ludhiana to promote full transparency.

Punjab Lottery Ticket Cost

All three lottery schemes have specific pricing for their tickets. When it was in operation, the weekly lottery scheme was the most affordable, with tickets costing only 20 rupees. Next up is the monthly lottery scheme, where tickets can be purchased for 89 rupees and 30 paise. The price is in line with other similar lotteries such as Sikkim State Lotteries, Playwin and Kerala State Lotteries.

lottery ticket

Punjab State Lottery ticket

Because bumper lotteries don’t take place as often, tickets for them are more expensive than tickets for the other two schemes. Generally, bumper lottery tickets can be purchased for 200 rupees, although this can change depending on the current scheme.

Punjab Lottery Jackpots Size

Impressive jackpot size is the main reason that the Punjab lottery is so popular. All three schemes offer impressive payouts, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a ticket that matches all the digits of the winning draw.

Weekly Scheme Jackpot Size

As mentioned, the weekly lottery scheme is no longer in operation, and there is no indication that the Punjab government has any plans to reinstate this scheme. This is unfortunate because, when it was active, the weekly scheme offered exciting jackpot.

The top jackpot for the weekly scheme was 500,000 rupees, which was awarded to one person who had a ticket with five matching digits. The agent who sold the jackpot ticket could also win 25,000 rupees.

punjab state lottery winners

Winners of Punjab State Lotteries

Monthly Scheme Jackpot Size

The monthly lottery scheme offers an even more impressive jackpot than the former weekly lottery scheme. In the monthly scheme, there is a top available jackpot of 5.1 million rupees for the person whose ticket matches the six-digit draw number exactly. For the monthly scheme, there is a 50,000 rupee bonus for the agent, subagent, and seller.

Bumper Scheme Jackpot Size

The bumper lottery scheme offers the widest range of available prizes, and the total amounts can vary from scheme to scheme. In general, however, the top jackpot of the bumper scheme is 15 million rupees. It’s possible for two people to win the top prize in the bumper lottery scheme. Just like the weekly and monthly schemes, bonuses are also available to agents, subagents, and sellers who sell the winning ticket. For example, the bonus for the top prize is 100,000 rupees.

Minimum Winnings for Punjab Lottery

One of the reasons that all three Punjab lottery schemes have been consistently possible is that there is a wide range of prizes available. The weekly lottery offered eight possible prizes, the monthly lottery offers seven prizes, and the bumper scheme generally offers nine potential prize amounts. So, while only one person will win the top jackpot prize, thousands of people may end up winning prizes while playing the Punjab lottery.

For instance, the eighth-place prize of the historic weekly lottery is 40 rupees, and 20,000 people could win this prize. The seventh-place prize of the monthly lottery scheme is also available to 20,000 people, and it’s worth 100 rupees. Finally, the ninth-place prize of the bumper lottery is worth 200 rupees and can be won by up to 100,000 people.

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Payout Options

As you might expect, all three of the Punjab lottery schemes have different payout options. Let’s start by discussing the suspended weekly lottery scheme. If you played the weekly lottery and your winnings were 10,000 rupees or less, you would collect your winnings from the agent who sold you the ticket. For winnings over 10,000 rupees, you would need to contact the director of Punjab State Lotteries by filling out the proper form.

The monthly lottery scheme offers a similar payout option. Winnings of 5,000 rupees or less can be collected from the selling agent, and winnings over this amount can only be collected by sending the required form to the lotteries director.

If you play the bumper lottery and win 5,000 rupees or less, payouts will be made within 30 days of the draw results by the Department of the Post. As with the other schemes, winnings above this set amount can be claimed by submitting a form to the director of Punjab State Lotteries.

If you win more than can be collected from a lottery agent, it’s important that you get in touch with the director of lotteries within 30 days after the results of the draw have been announced in the Punjab Government Gazette. Once this 30-day period ends, your rights to claim your winnings will be terminated.


Taxes do apply to Punjab lottery winnings. Fortunately, they will be collected before you receive any of your earnings. If you collect your winnings from a selling agent, the agent is required to subtract the required income tax before paying you. Similarly, the Punjab government will collect the required income tax from larger lottery winnings.

Punjab Lottery Odds of Winning

If you’re like most people playing the lottery, you’ll want to know your odds of winning the jackpot. While all three Punjab lottery schemes do offer thousands of potential prizes, the odds of winning the jackpot prize are still very low.

Determining your odds of winning the Punjab lottery can be very difficult, as the government has the ability to raise or lower the tickets available from scheme to scheme. Still, since there is only one jackpot prize available for every scheme, and hundreds of thousands of people purchase tickets, your odds of winning the top prize are very slim.

Is Punjab Lottery Legit or Scam

punjab state lottery logo

Determining whether a lottery is legitimate or a scam is important before you spend any of your money. Fortunately, because Punjab lottery schemes are operated by the government, they are legit. That said, there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

Most importantly, you need to be certain that you only purchase your lottery tickets from a legitimate selling agent. The Punjab government authorises certain agents to sell tickets, and they are required to follow a certain protocol. For instance, playing online isn’t available at this time, and tickets are printed using a government press — so anyone trying to sell you tickets online or tickets without the proper government marks is running a scam.

Punjab Lottery History

In 1968, the Punjab government formed the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries as part of the Finance Department. The primary goal of the Directorate was to provide transparent and clean state lotteries for Punjab residents and to limit illegal gambling.

The Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries is tasked with administering three separate sets of rules related to the lottery: The Lotteries Act of 1998, Lotteries Regulations of 2010, and the Punjab State Lotteries Rules of 1998. All Punjab state lotteries are conducted in a transparent manner to maintain the public trust and to ensure that the results of the draw are fair.

Punjab State lotteries Review Conclusion

For over 50 years, the Punjab government has offered a state lottery that is very popular with residents. In addition to providing Punjab residents with transparency, the state lottery is also designed to provide economic opportunity to selling agents and to protect the country from illegal gambling operations.

At one time, Punjab residents could play weekly, monthly, and bumper lottery schemes. While the weekly lottery scheme has been suspended for the foreseeable future, the government still holds regular bumper lottery schemes, and the monthly lottery has recently returned after a lengthy absence. While the odds of winning the top jackpot in the Punjab lottery are low, there are thousands of available prizes, which is why these lottery schemes remain so popular. If you want to the biggest jackpots in the world, go to Multilotto or Lotto247 and check out their Powerball and Mega Millions offers!


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Punjab State Lotteries FAQ

Do You Have to Be a Resident to Play Punjab Lottery?

No, there is no residency requirement to play Punjab lottery schemes. While you do need to purchase your ticket in a Punjab state, winnings can be sent anywhere in the world, although they are legally required to be paid out in rupees.

How Do I Play the Punjab Lottery

Playing the Punjab lottery is relatively easy. All you need to do is to watch the newspapers for an announcement of the latest scheme, and then visit a selling agent to purchase your tickets. Purchases may be subject to a minimum number of tickets. Bumper lottery tickets can cost between 100 and 200 rupees, and the monthly lottery draw costs 89.30 (89 rupees and 30 paisas.)

When Do Punjab Lottery Draws Take Place?

The draw date of a Punjab lottery depends on the lottery scheme that you’re playing. When it was still active, the weekly lottery draw took place every Wednesday. The monthly lottery draw is scheduled for the last Friday of each month, and the draw date of the bumper lottery depends on the individual scheme.

How Do I Collect My Winnings?

The method you should use to collect your lottery winnings depends on the amount of money that you’ve won. If you’re playing a monthly or bumper lottery and win 5,000 rupees or less, you can collect your winnings from the selling agent or the Department of Post, respectively. Winnings above 5,000 rupees can only be collected after filing a form with the director of Punjab State Lotteries.

How Long Do I Have to Collect My Winnings?

You have a very small window of time to collect your winnings. After the results of a lottery draw have been published by the Punjab government, you will need to claim your winnings within 30 days. If you do not claim your winnings within this period of time, your rights to your winnings will be terminated automatically.

Do Taxes Apply to the Punjab State Lottery?

Income tax does apply to your lottery winnings. Fortunately, this tax is collected automatically, either by the selling agent or the Punjab government, depending on how you are required to collect your winnings.