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Keno Review

Keno is a fun, exciting, and easy game to play whether you’re online, in a casino, or visiting a local authorised retailer. The game is simple but still has the potential for big payouts. Keno even offers the opportunity to play with lucky numbers or dates that are special to you. With many ways to play and many opportunities to win, Keno is a great game for those who love to gamble. 

How to Play

Like most lotteries, Keno can be played through an authorised retailer. If you choose this method, you’ll visit your local store and purchase a ticket. The play-slip will ask you for your number choices, so you’ll fill it out and hand it to the cashier, who will process the ticket. After that, you’ll want to hold onto your ticket in order to see if you win. Tickets are also important to have if you do in fact win and need to claim your prize.

A player must choose any number from one to 20. The amount of numbers you choose correlates to the type of Keno game you’re playing. So, a Spot 5 game is a game in which the player chooses five numbers. As you choose more numbers, you increase your winning potential.

Once you choose your numbers, you place your bets. Each number can take up to ten bets, and the winnings are multiplied by the number of bets on a number. To win the ultimate online lottery jackpot, the player will need to have every one of their numbers for a Spot 10 game matched out of the 20 total numbers drawn.

How to Play Online

When playing online Keno, players still select numbers and play different Spot games, but everything is handled electronically. This leads to faster gameplay and quicker winnings. Players select numbers from a board on the screen and then wait to see their matches as the winning numbers are revealed. Various bets can be placed on single numbers, just like in the casino version.


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Drawing Time

The time between choosing numbers and the drawing varies depending on the type of Keno game you’re playing. The drawing time for online Keno is immediate, while casinos might take a few moments. Playing Keno through a local retailer also offers a quick drawing time, as new numbers are drawn every four minutes.

Keno Ticket Cost

The cost of a Keno ticket or play will depend on the bet the player chooses to place. As the player purchases more expensive tickets, their winnings potential increases. Tickets can cost anywhere from one dollar to $20, depending on where and how you’re playing.

Keno Jackpots Size

Like the ticket cost, the size of the jackpot varies depending on the bets placed. Jackpots range from $100,000 to $1 million depending on the type of Keno played. Spot 10 games with higher bets offer chances at huge jackpots.

Minimum Jackpots & Jackpot Caps

Some state lotteries have a jackpot cap of $1 million, while certain casinos might cap it at $10,000. Sometimes casinos and other Keno game hosts will offer a progressive jackpot that multiplies as games are played without winners.

Minimum jackpot amounts also vary depending on where you’re playing. Small-scale game hosts might offer a minimum of $1,000, while larger game hosts have a $10,000 minimum. No matter where or how you play, you’ll want to be sure you understand your winning potential before placing any bets.

Biggest Jackpots

Keno Mega Millions games offer some of the biggest jackpots available. The ticket cost is usually higher, but the winning potential makes the cost worth it. Players have won more than $5 million by playing Mega Millions Keno games. Maybe you are wanting something even bigger? Check out UK Lotto and EuroMillions for massive jackpots.


Payout Options

Keno payouts are determined by the classic risk-to-reward ratio. Again, the more you bet, the more you can win. For example, if a player only chooses to bet on one number out of the 20 drawn and they get a match, their payout will probably be a three-to-one payout. This is called a catch. If a player bets on two numbers for a Spot 2 game and their numbers are matched, they could be looking at a 12-to-one payout. You can see how this adds up as you play more numbers.


Keno winnings are taxed at a 30-percent rate when the net winnings exceed $1,500. Any winnings less than that amount are not taxed at all.

Keno Odds of Winning

If you play a basic 80-ball Keno game with 20 numbers selected, you’ll face better odds of winning when you select fewer numbers. However, fewer numbers selected means a lower winning potential. Basically, if you want the chance to win more money, you’ll need to face a higher risk. For example, if you pick one number, that number has about a one-in-four chance of being drawn. If you go for more money and choose 10 numbers, you’ll face a roughly one-in-8,911,711 chance of all 10 numbers being matched.

Is Keno Legit or Scam?

Keno is a legitimate lottery game. Playing in authorised casinos, whether online or not, is a good way to be sure. If you are playing through a state retailer, be sure to check their authorisation as well.

Keno History

old keno game

Ancient keno game

The origin story of Keno is somewhat mysterious. Different people tell of different beginnings, but we do know that it’s a very old game. Keno’s history has been traced back over 3,000 years. It was once called the “White Pigeon Game” when it was played in ancient China during the Han Dynasty. In this version, the board consisted of 120 Chinese characters rather than numbers. Both royalty and regular Chinese citizens were known to play the game. Since then, Keno has grown in popularity and spread all over the world to almost every continent.

Keno Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Keno offers easy playing and access with games offered in many places and forms. Gamers young and old, new and experienced, can all get in on the fun of a Keno game at a low cost and still enjoy the chance to win.


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Keno FAQ

What are the various types of Keno?

Some lotteries and casinos feature different gameplay options for Keno, such as a multiplier game or a bullseye game. A Keno multiplier game gives players the option to multiply their bets (and therefore their winning potential) by either two, three, four, five, or 10. A bullseye Keno game allows players to add a bullseye to one of their numbers. If that number is selected, it can multiply the winnings.